This was a fun project that I did a couple of years ago for my good friends at Go Primal Fitness. Found the pic on the shop computer.

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Long time, no post…

Been a while since I’ve posted on here, I lost track of keeping up with this project sadly but hopefully I’ll be inspired to stay on top of it for a little while. I’ve got a bunch of pix that have built up lately, these are two projects that were wrapped up with in the last year or so. More to come soon!

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Tattoos from Lynnae Day and the Fest

The last two weekends of October were slammed at Anthem. Lynnae day raised over $1500 for ovarian cancer and also kept all of us at the shop pretty busy. It was great to see so many of our clients/friends/family all at once hanging out, eating Pelican Bros and supporting a great cause, a cause that’s close to all of our hearts.
The Fest, the following weekend was absolute melee at Anthem! We estimate that almost 200 people were tattooed, mostly with “custom” “stress face” designs compliments of Tim Strating and Mike Salay. Special thanks to Dustin C. for flippin burgers and Mike W. for clutch tube scrubbin!
These are just some of the tattoos that I did those weekends…

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first post, here it goes!

If you know me at all than you know that the fact that I have my own web-site means that I’ve had a lot of help. I can barely operate my TV much less upload stuff…. ¬†These are some tattoos that I’ve done over the last few months, maybe longer, what ever was on my android that looked ok when I got it on the computer. More to come, thanks for checking in.

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The world…

is vast! I’m so grateful for all of the support I’ve received through the years from my family, friends and the community locally and at large. I’m setting this up with the help¬† of Bill Martino, computer man extraordinaire, so that the folks who continue to support me or anyone who’s interested in what I’ve been into can check in and see. More to come!

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Coming Soon!

For now, visit the Anthem shop site

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